10 Things To Consider While Making Your Restaurant Menu

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The first thing that comes to our mind with the word menu is the food served in a restaurant and its price. However, it is just the basic goal of a menu. A menu has more potential than you think. It offers a personality, brand value, and identity to the restaurant. The design, language, and tone of the menu have a big role to play in the game. It can be a deciding factor in the decision a customer makes in trying one of your dishes. It will help you to increase your sales and succeed in your restaurant business venture.

  • Cover Design

An exciting and colorful cover design with elegant images of dishes can encourage people to try the dishes on your menu. Sometimes people visit your restaurant just for a drink. But the cover design of your menu card may want them to try some dishes.

  • Box The Special Ones

To draw more attention to particular dishes or offers, you can box them. It is a simple and effective method of highlighting something without giving the feeling of intentionally projecting it. However, make sure that you do not create any confusion with too many boxes.

  • Food Photography

The creativity and elegance of a dish can be shown with the help of food photography. If you are deciding to include photos of your dishes in your menu, make sure you hire an experienced and skilled photographer.

  • Pricing Symbols

You may eliminate currency symbols from your menu so that your customers’ attention goes more to the food than its price. Even though the price is a crucial factor, a clean and modern menu design for your restaurant is.

  • Attractive Descriptions

Do not load your customers’ brains with a lot of data. Give a menu of limited dishes and increase its value by providing creative titles and descriptions about them. The language has to be simple and well-crafted.

  • Offer Pairing Options

You may pair your best dishes with the ideal drinks and flavors you offer. Try to convince your customers to try new dishes or combinations you offer. If they find it appealing, they will share it with their family and friends too.

  • Use Engaging Language

Use the language you communicate with your customers in your menu. The tone must match the overall image of your brand. Try to remain true to your identity and choose the right language for your brand.

  • Consider Kids

If your restaurant wants to attract more families, create a child-friendly menu. The design of your menu can have images and designs that would attract kids.

  • Break The Rules

Nowadays, many restaurants are breaking the rules in their menu by not following columns and grids. Try more creative and unique styles that will grab the eyes of your customers.

  • Story-Telling

A good story can always attract customers. It can be from the chef who follows his mom’s recipe or the experience story of one of your sweetest customers.